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All throughout my life I felt different from others. I've known things I couldn't possibly know. I've felt things nobody else seemed to feel. I've seen things nobody else could see. I've heard words spoken when those around me are silent. At this point, I can even smell what a person is thinking about. What I've noticed from this observant space, is that most people are bogged down with their lives and choices, many living in regret, traumatized and without their integrity. Most people are not happy living that way, and it makes sense.


Whenever I tried living and being like others, pretending that the awareness I have isn't there, it would lead me to a life of depression, physical ailments and resentments. Years ago, I decided to follow what was true and right for me, rather than what I was told, knowing that there is no escaping who I am, what I feel or what I know. There was nothing wrong with me. I simply had a different path. I invested in being myself, developing my intuitive skills and healing my own traumas. Along the way, I learned how to support others with these gifts.


When I get to assist someone in raising their levels of awareness about themselves and others, I feel joyful and purposeful. When I see the light come on in people's eyes or in their energy field, I feel inspired. When they see their way out of the dark and receive the encouragement to grow beyond it, I am blessed.

There is nothing in life I would rather be doing than my part to raise the vibration of the planet, in service to all of life. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!

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