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     Welcome to Wise Guide Intuitive! I am here to aid in your personal development process by employing my skills for insight and understanding. I do this by utilizing observation, conversation and intuition in order to facilitate awareness, direction and healing. I have nearly 15 years experience providing intuitive guidance to a wide range of international clientele, and I am passionate about serving all who seek wisdom, insight and healing. 

     2020's Shelter-In-Place highlighted and amplified my natural intuitive gifts of intuitive reading, mediumship and healing by phone. I find this work fun to do, and also highly efficient. Sessions range from simply checking in and getting the validation you need to feel centered, to looking into your future for specific insights and guidance, to connecting with loved ones who have left their physical bodies. Most sessions will include some form of energetic clearing and chakra alignment in addition to addressing the primary intention of the session. 

  • If you ever wished someone could truly see you as you are now, for how far you have come, or how hard you are trying, I am here to witness and encourage you.

  • If you need someone to see the truth of what you have experienced/survived, and provide compassionate support, I will hold sacred space for you.

  • If you are curious about your next steps and feeling stuck, I can help you find a way through that feels purposeful for you.

  • If you are self-guided and find yourself at a space where you could just use some additional insight, I am here to support your exploration and growth.

  • If you suffered a loss and are having difficulty moving on or continuing to live, we can ask your lost loved ones to communicate what it is that you need for healing. 

Other specific topics I am experienced with are:

  • Communicating with loved ones who are estranged, in a coma, or otherwise unable to communicate directly in their own voice

  • Connecting with animals and plants for insights about their care, concerns and wishes

  • Making contact with babies in spirit form before they arrive, while in utero, and after they have departed

  • Working with sensitive children and their parents - how to support a sensitive child

  • Scanning a structure or property for any safety and/or energetic concerns

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